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Brew Culture was established in 2014 out of a passion for craft beer and a love hops. We work direct with our partner hop growers around the globe to supply an extensive and growing list of premium quality hops. We pride ourselves on our quality industry partnerships to supply a comprehensive list of brewing aids, cleaning products, hoses, fittings, safety equipment and more to breweries across North America.

Inventory Management System & Salesforce Automation

"Good at understanding our business and what we need—there’s a personal touch to their approach."
Dan Collins


Unique Pricing Structure for Each Client

Due to the nature of Brew Culture’s industry, hops sales have a very complex pricing structure that did not allow them to use a typical e-commerce solution. Due to dynamic user pricing that’s based on both time and quantity, Brew Culture needed a way to show their customers the best price that a customer should have on a given date or time. Brew Culture also had an existing inventory management platform that they did not want to part with (Tradegecko). Brew Culture stated that they were sold on Salesforce and would like to use it in the final solution.


High-Level Integrations & Customization

Our solution to Brew Culture’s unique pricing challenge was to create a system that allowed user specific pricing and inventory management throughout Brew Culture’s contract year. We achieved this using high-level integrations and developing several automated tasks within Salesforce. Our custom system took care of a lot of the manual calculations and checking that was mandatory before our application was implemented. Additionally, we built a custom branded portal that allows Brew Culture’s clients to manage orders. As a result, Brew Culture has saved hundreds if not thousands of man hours since implementing our application into their supply management.

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