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HB Hospitality provides market development solutions to the nation’s leading independent luxury resorts and hotels through signature events and our exclusive online community. HB’s network consists of over 100 luxury hotels, 5000+ meeting planners and puts on 70 events per year.

Video Conference Application that Helped this Client Generate 3x more Revenue


Given HB Hospitality’s unique business model, there were no out-of-the-box solutions for scheduling appointments between their hotels and meeting planners when there was an event. With events having 100’s of attendees, this caused headaches and a lot of manual entry from the HB staff. The current solution HB was using were custom objects setup in Salesforce, that were not very user-friendly for the attendees of the event. This caused a lot of confusion which demanded even more time from the HB staff, as they had to answer a lot of questions and support. To throw another curve ball, the covid pandemic hit right in the middle of this project, and with HB being in the event industry, a major pivot had to be made. Now that events could not be held live, this new custom platform had to accommodate virtual events for 100’s of people.


We needed to build a custom web application solution that was deeply tied into Salesforce. The attendees and luxury hotel representatives needed a user-friendly interface, where they could request and accept appointments, view their schedule for the event, and join 1 to 1 meetings virtually. In addition our solution needed to be so easy and fast, so that users did not have to login. Instead, all attendees were each given a unique URL, so they could be directly routed to their personal dashboard with a click of a button. All of the data that went into this application was coming from Salesforce, so we had to build real-time connections between Salesforce and the User Interface.

Because this application took a turn and needed to support virtual events that supported 100’s of attendees, we had additional integrations of both Zoom and Twilio.

This solution was a huge success that generated 3x more revenue for the company than the previous year!

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