Advanced Electronic Pharmacy Record Tracker

Karis Pharmaceuticals, located in Tampa, FL, is on a mission to disrupt the current retail pharmacy model by offering a dispensing program as an extension of prescriber practices.

TechnologiesDjango, React Native, AWS, Vue.js
Industry: Real Estate
Work Type: Web
Platform: Web

Patients, more now than ever, expect premium services which make their lives healthier and more convenient. In today’s world, sending prescriptions to a third-party pharmacy has become the gold standard in medicine. This model leads to many bottlenecks such as compliance, unexpected costs and callbacks to the doctor’s office.

Karis needed a modern technology solution that helped enable health practitioners to streamline their pharmaceutical dispenses and keep track of costs and profit.


Karis reached out to AppEvolve to develop an innovative, modern, mobile application that clinics could use to track pharmacy records and real-time analytics coming from multiple integrated systems in one centralized location. In addition, an Admin Web Portal was needed to manage all of the data and see analytics of the platform.

AppEvolve took on the challenge of developing a cost-effective solution that would allow practitioners who use Android and iOS devices to access their analytics. Because this application would have multiple features built into it down the road, it was decided to use a cross-platform mobile solution, React Native, rather than having two separate codebase sources for native Android & iOS apps. React Native lets developers work in one single codebase that can be deployed to both mobile platforms. Having this solution saves time and reduces errors in long-term maintenance.

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