1000+ Trees for 2023

Marlana Armstrong
Director of Sustainability, Director of Project Management

Introducing AppEvolve's Sustainability Commitment

We’re planting 1,076 mangrove trees in Kenya to offset AppEvolve’s carbon footprint for 2023. In 2023, AppEvolve launched "WeEvolve", our Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiative that promotes a culture and commitment to sustainability. This is the beginning of our journey.

The Essence of WeEvolve

WeEvolve symbolizes a new chapter for AppEvolve. It's not an environmental campaign. It's a holistic approach to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our business. WeEvolve encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and initiatives aiming to make a positive impact on the planet and society. Our focus is on lifestyle practices, positive social and environmental strategies, and sustainable software development methodologies.

Planting Seeds of Change

Our pioneer project under the WeEvolve initiative is ambitious and exciting, aiming to reduce our impact on the environment. Recognizing the importance of direct action, we have partnered with Ecodrive to plant 1,076 mangrove trees in a restoration preserve in Mbuguni, Kenya. This initiative addresses the estimated carbon footprint of our team, including both employees and contractors, for the entire year of 2023. Mangrove trees have an exceptional ability to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, more than any other tree. These 1,076 trees will absorb 731,680 pounds of CO2 (approximately 331 metric tonnes) from our atmosphere over their lifetime. 

Why Mangroves?

Mangrove trees are vital to coastal ecosystems and restoring the environment. They provide many benefits, including:

  • Sustaining local communities with livelihoods to plant and maintain the trees.
  • Helping prevent coral bleaching, thus preserving marine biodiversity.
  • Creating a rich habitat for various plant and animal species.
  • Protecting shorelines from erosion and mitigating the effects of flooding.
  • Filtering out pollutants, thereby maintaining water quality.

With a consistently growing team, our first 1,076 trees will be the first of many. As we refine our estimation process of our remote team’s carbon footprint, we intend to better understand our exact footprint and pursue additional ways to directly offset our carbon footprint more immediately. Planting trees is just one way to restore and preserve our planet’s ecosystems, and we look forward to investing in other ways to do so.

Beyond Tree Planting - Comprehensive Sustainability Strategies

While planting trees is a significant step for us, our dedication doesn't stop there. AppEvolve is implementing a range of strategies to expand our impact further. This includes using energy efficient technology and best practices in our home offices and headquarters. 

Sustainable Software Development

At the core of AppEvolve's business is our pursuit of sustainable software development. This involves engineering sustainable software solutions that are not only innovative and effective, but also designed with environmental impact in mind. We’re focusing on developing applications that are resource-efficient and have a minimal carbon footprint. As we take things a step further, our projects will contribute to environmental preservation and restoration.

Sustainable Software Engineering (SSE) has been highly researched and theorized, but very, very few companies are taking the leap of implementation. AppEvolve is baking it into our development and deployment practices to blaze the path forward. We have always been proud of our delivery, but this innovation to our practices is one we feel really good about. For more on key practices in Sustainable Software Engineering, check out our blog here.

Cultivating Mindfulness

Software sustainability is as much about mindset as it is about action. WeEvolve is nurturing a culture of social and environmental stewardship among our team. Our first internal engagement campaign promoted alignment on the 3 P’s of Sustainability: People, Planet, and Profit. As our team becomes more mindful of our individual impact and potential, our commitments to sustainability are deepening and expanding.

With a globally dispersed team, we are getting creative to include everyone in our initiatives. Through virtual challenges and rewarding activities, we’re working to engage and empower our team to have impact in their communities. We believe there’s an aspect of sustainability that everyone can find passion in, and we want to ensure our team has the time and resources to pursue that, at work and at home.

A Step Forward for AppEvolve

The launch of the WeEvolve initiative marks a significant milestone for AppEvolve. It's a small step in the grand scheme of things, but a crucial one for us. From here, we can only do more. We are proud to be part of the movement toward a more sustainable world. We commit to continuing our journey with passion, innovation, and dedication.

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