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Web applications are critical in enhancing user engagement and driving business success. They offer dynamic, interactive user experiences, tailored to the unique demands of users. AppEvolve specializes in crafting these powerful web application tools.

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Web Application Expertise

Our team of senior-level developers have years of experience building 100s of web applications to solve our customers' challenges with thoughtful technology solutions. We handle everything end-to-end, including the application blueprint, UI/UX design, development with the latest technologies, QA testing, third-party integrations, and post-launch support long into the future.

Web Application Types

We have built web applications for all industry verticals. We are capable of designing and implementing a solution that will solve your challenges, no matter the industry.


Have an idea for a web application that you want to build from scratch? We will guide you on best practices, and help you from strategy to implementation and support.


With years of experience building successful SaaS applications, we can take your idea to fruition. We have consulted 500+ SaaS companies and not only develop your SaaS application, but help with strategy, beta testers, SaaS website landing page and more.

App Modernization

Do you have a legacy application that is slow, clunky and needs to be modernized? We can help turn that legacy application into a modern, user-friendly, cloud-based solution to increase efficiency and productivity for your team.

Digital Transformation

Still using spreadsheets, a lot of manual processes, or multiple out-of-the-box solutions that you only use at 60% but pay the full license fees? We will meet with your team department leads and strategize on developing a custom, centralized application that will make your data more secure and greatly improve business efficiency.

Web Application Managed Services

Are you looking to change development teams due to performance or their bandwidth to get things done quickly? We have taken over many existing applications for our customer’s to help accelerate feature development, and improve the security and stability of the application.

Web Application Portfolio

We love showing off our work and how we’ve helped our customers with their web applications. Choose from below to view our case studies and UI/UX design portfolio.

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Modern Technologies

We build all of our customer’s web applications using the latest technologies and standards. Our preferred application technologies we use are:

Web Application Development Process

As a mature software application development company with brilliant and experienced minds on the team, we have our development processes dialed-in to ensure our customers have the best experience from start to finish. Every interaction with our team, you’ll be greeted by friendly professionals who truly care about your success.

Planning Phase

From the start, we collaborate with your team to align on goals and design the critical blueprint for the web application. This includes product requirement documentation, system architecture diagrams, high-resolution UI/UX designs and implementation roadmap. With our UI design process, you’ll be able to see every detail of the application and experience the user flow before a line of code is written.


You will have an experienced, dedicated team to your web application implementation. Using the outcome of the Planning Phase, the engineers will know exactly what they are assigned to and building.


Throughout the entire process from start to finish, your dedicated Project Manager will respond to all of your needs quickly and send weekly reports of work that has been completed, in-progress, any blockers that need to be addressed from your team and budget updates.

QA Testing

Part of your dedicated team will include a QA Specialist that will work alongside the engineering team to thoroughly test the web application, to ensure it’s working properly according to the specifications.


When we start finalizing the application, we have a Go-Live Checklist that is specific to your launch needs. This will ensure your application launch will happen how and when you want it to.

Post-Launch Support

Web applications are a living, breathing organism that need to be continuously nurtured. Our aim is to partner with our customers long into the future, help keep everything up-to-date, add new features to the application and fix any bugs that are found. We offer a variety of flexible support options that will fit your needs.

Application Development Cost

Pricing can widely vary depending on the complexity of the build. We always recommend to our customers to focus on a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that has useful core functionality for users. That way customers are getting a usable product as early as possible, while we continue to build in additional features. Once we get through the “Planning Phase,” and have a better understanding of the web application goal, we will be in a better position to provide an estimated range. Due to the dynamic nature of software development, we dedicate a Monthly Team Pod vs Fixed Rates. Click on the button below to learn more about AppEvolve Pods.

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