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SaaS Application Consultation

One-hour consultation on product strategy, development, and marketing best practices tailored to your unique vision and goals.

Architecture Review Consultation

Enhance your cloud architecture with our free 2-hour consultation service, led by experienced AWS Solutions Architects. This offering is designed to provide expert insights into your existing AWS architecture, focusing on critical areas such as CI/CD processes, networking, storage, and IAM.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) Proof of Concept

Our PoC design service is tailored to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of a hybrid HPC model. It focuses on bridging your current Slurm-managed infrastructure with the expansive capabilities of AWS ParallelCluster, creating a unified environment for efficient overflow job management and enhanced computational power.

Blueprint: Containerization

Kickstart your journey into containerized application deployment with our tailored service. Designed as a blueprint for your first containerized application on AWS, this offering sets a model for future deployments, integrating a variety of deployment tools and CI/CD solutions.

AWS 101: AWS Backup

This service is designed to streamline your backup processes using the user-friendly features of AWS Backup, making it as easy as tagging a resource.

AWS Cost Optimization

We provide a thorough analysis of your current and projected AWS spending, combined with strategic recommendations for cost control and optimization. Our service ensures you have the tools and knowledge to effectively manage your AWS budget.

Cloud Security in 15 Minutes

This offering provides immediate, high-value security enhancements to your AWS environment, leveraging the rapid activation of AWS GuardDuty for threat detection and AWS CloudTrail for activity monitoring.

AWS 101: VPC Setup

Our comprehensive network setup service is tailored for first-time AWS users and includes the establishment of a VPN, Bastion host, and AD connector, ensuring a secure, scalable, and efficient baseline for your AWS architecture.

BulletProof: Security Hub, Inspector and Detective

Detailed, high-value security enhancements to your AWS environment, using AWS Config, Security Hub, Detective, and Inspector to analyze the operational security of your infrastructure. This includes ongoing scans of your EC2 machines, Containers, Lambda functions, and other assets critical to running your application in the cloud.

AWS 101: Control Tower Setup

Control Tower is an out-of-the-box, pre-set configuration with all of the best practices already in place.

Media & Live Streaming Consultation

Expert consulting services for live streaming and video on demand (VOD) on AWS. Our team guides media clients through optimizing streaming solutions for web, mobile, and OTT devices, from technical advice to strategic planning.

AI/ML Blueprint

Want to incorporate AI/ML into your business, but don’t know where to start? Let one of our AI/ML experts help inspire ideas on how your business can best use AI/ML to innovate faster, stay competitive, and gain analytic insights to help make informed decisions.

AWS Migration Readiness Assessment

Speed up your AWS migration journey with a comprehensive assessment conducted by our team of AWS Certified Engineers with 100+ migrations under their belt.

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