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We drive innovation and transformation in the media and entertainment industry, using modern technology to empower your organization, streamline workflows, and engage audiences like never before.


Cloud Native App Development

Custom applications that enhance scalability and efficiency for the media and entertainment industry


User interfaces and experiences that captivate audiences and ensure intuitive interaction

Media Workloads & 
Content Delivery

Media workloads and content delivery to provide seamless access to digital media across platforms

Media Focus Areas

Video on Demand

We offer solutions that enable users to access a wide range of video content instantly. Our platform ensures high-quality streaming services tailored to viewer preferences.


Our strategies optimize revenue streams through targeted advertising and subscription models. We provide tools for effectively monetizing content while enhancing user engagement.

Live Streaming

We deliver live streaming services that offer high-definition broadcasting without lag. Our technology ensures a reliable and interactive viewer experience for events in real-time.

Media Asset Management

We simplify the organization and storage of digital media assets, making them easily accessible and manageable. Our system supports efficient search and retrieval, streamlining the content lifecycle.

Digital Rights Management

Our digital rights management solutions protect and manage copyrights for digital media. We ensure content security across distribution channels, safeguarding against unauthorized access and distribution.

Media Recommendation Engine

We use machine learning techniques to analyze viewing habits and preferences, delivering personalized content recommendations that keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of your media business, combining real-time analytics, viewer insights, and content performance metrics into an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface.

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AppEvolve solves our clients' toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in cloud-native application development, cloud infrastructure, and support.




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AppEvolve Team

We pride ourselves on the high-level talent that encompasses the AppEvolve team, coming from backgrounds, such as Tesla, Barclays, MIT Lab, Harvard, and more.

90%+ with Bachelor’s / Master’s in Computer Science

Senior-level team
Average of 12+ yrs professional experience (Live Nation Entertainment)

Category: Media & Entertainment

With a growing number of artists turning to online concerts, Veeps saw an opportunity to enhance its live streaming capabilities to provide the best possible viewing experience for fans.


With using several Media AWS Services, Veeps is able to deliver high-quality live concerts to fans, with low latency and high reliability. The use of CloudFront, MediaLive and MediaConnect ensures that the live streams are transmitted securely and reliably, while MediaConvert and MediaPackage provide the flexibility and scalability needed to deliver the streams to viewers on different devices and platforms.

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Category: Media & Entertainment

Wheatstone offers professional audio processing equipment for broadcast radio and television. The hardware based solution could not scale as quickly as their customer demands, and customers were asking for higher availability options.


Containerization of the audio processing application, and implement a solution on AWS Cloud using multiple regions, AWS Global Accelerator, and AWS Serverless technologies to provide multi-region high availability, custom routing, and scaling on demand.

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