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We guide media clients looking to enhance their live streaming and video-on-demand capabilities. With a focus on AWS Elemental optimization and strategic content delivery, we provide insights into media asset management, live streaming, and VOD performance.

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We don’t just build. We collaborate to determine the most efficient software solution to solve problems, take time to understand the vision, and work closely with you to build a valuable solution. Our aim for every client is to build a long-term relationship and be an extension of your team.


AppEvolve is a certified AWS Advanced Tier Partner, with expertise and commitment to delivering innovative, cloud-based solutions. We empower businesses to transition seamlessly to scalable, secure, and highly performant cloud environments. Discover how our specialized AWS services can accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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Below are a few of our featured case studies that speak for themselves.

Live Nation Entertainment


With a growing number of artists turning to online concerts, saw an opportunity to enhance its live-streaming capabilities to provide the best possible viewing experience for fans.

by Expertise

With using several Media AWS Services, Veeps is able to deliver high-quality live concerts to fans, with low latency and high reliability. The use of CloudFront, MediaLive and MediaConnect ensures that the live streams are transmitted securely and reliably, while MediaConvert and MediaPackage provide the flexibility and scalability needed to deliver the streams to viewers on different devices and platforms.

live streaming app development case study

Dreaming Spanish


With a rapidly growing user base exceeding 100,000 learners, the majority of whom are mobile users, Dreaming Spanish faced a series of pressing challenges:
- Limited User Engagement
- Offline Accessibility
- UI/UX Enhancement


To address these challenges, Dreaming Spanish enlisted the expertise of AppEvolve. Together, they embarked on a journey to develop a mobile app solution that included offline capabilities and a UI/UX design overhaul.

language learning saas mobile application case study

Ada County Highway District


As ACHD navigated the complexities of construction projects, they encountered a common yet critical challenge—project schedules and parameters frequently evolved during construction. These changes had a direct impact on contractor payments, necessitating meticulous tracking and adjustment of pay estimates to ensure fair and accurate compensation.


To address the pressing challenges faced by ACHD, they engaged AppEvolve to embark on a transformative journey. AppEvolve proposed and implemented a solution that leveraged contemporary technologies, ensuring optimal efficiency and scalability.

legacy app modernization case study



Wheatstone offers professional audio processing equipment for broadcast radio and television. The hardware based solution could not scale as quickly as their customer demands, and customers were asking for higher availability options.


Containerize the audio processing application, and Implement a solution on AWS Cloud using Multiple regions and AWS Global Accelerator, AWS Serverless technologies to provide multi region High Availability, plus custom routing, and scaling on demand.

media app development case study



Bravanti mirrored the predicament of many established companies: a struggle to adapt to technological advancements due to reliance on longstanding internal processes. The classic "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" mindset was a hurdle, but the pressure for efficiency and technological modernization had become too pressing. And for most organizations, a Digital Transformation can be a massive disruption to daily operations if not carefully planned.


We proposed a solution leveraging key AWS services,  AWS CloudFront, AWS EC2, AWS ECS, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS ElastiCache,  AWS RDS AWS S3: Securely stored the vast amount of client data, while ensuring high data durability, scalability, and cost-effective storage.

digital transformation case study


Get to know the dedicated and talented leaders who combine their expertise and passion to create impactful software applications that bring your vision to life.

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At our core, we believe in a greener, more sustainable future. Our commitment to environmental responsibility drives us to create software solutions that not only meet your needs but also make a positive impact.

Remote Work Culture

By embracing remote work, we cut down on daily commutes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a healthier work-life balance for our team.

Paperless Operations

Our commitment to a paperless environment reduces waste and conserves natural resources, utilizing digital documentation and communication at every step.

Environmentally-Conscious Development

We follow best practices for sustainable coding, optimizing performance and resource usage to create eco-friendly software solutions.

Continuous Improvement

We regularly assess our development and hosting processes to identify areas for improvement, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in green technology and sustainable practices.


We are an AWS Partner and this website is hosted on their 100% renewable energy servers. AWS can lower customers’ workload carbon footprints by nearly 80% compared to surveyed enterprise data centers.


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