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What You Need to Know About Python Developers

What You Need to Know About Python Developers

Python is the 4th most popular programming language according to the 2018 TIOBE Index. Programmers love it because it’s clean, uses less syntax, and reads...

Python is the 4th most popular programming language according to the 2018 TIOBE Index. Programmers love it because it’s clean, uses less syntax, and reads much closer to English. Not only that, but it’s use cases range from machine learning to build some of the internet’s most popular websites (such as Youtube, Dropbox, Pinterest, and parts of Google).

Django, one of the most popular web frameworks, is built using Python as well. Both have a dedicated community backing them that has helped them scale and play a key roll in creating modern software applications.

We’re a group of Python developers based here in the U.S, and here’s what we think you should know if you’re looking to hire a team for Python development.

What Can Be Built with Python?

We gave a few examples of what Python and Django can be used to build above. There was also an interesting study from Infoworld that broke down the most common uses for Python. Here’s what they found:

Python Uses Taken from Infoworld Study

The use cases are pretty diverse. We’ve frequently used it to build custom web portals and build a cohesive architecture between a companies systems and processes.

Python is a powerful language, too, which allows it to scale up for some extremely complex applications—such as machine learning algorithms. Building between web applications is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re looking to develop or improve an application using Python, get on the phone with us and we can talk you through it.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Python Developer?

The answer to this question depends on the approach you’re looking to take.

Python is one of the most desired languages with average yearly Python developer salaries ranging from 90k to 110k (see another study on this here).

As a growing language with powerful use cases, this demand (or price) doesn’t seem to be dropping off anytime soon. Hiring a developer specifically for their expertise with Python could be expensive.

On the other hand, you could look for a team/agency with expertise in Python. They tend to not charge a premium for the language—rather, they will look at your project and give you an estimate based on the required work and scope.

You can take a look at our development process for an idea of what it’s like to work with our team.

Why Is Python a Good Fit For Your Project?

Without generalizing your project, we’d like to offer a few reasons why using Python developers may be the most suitable road to take:

  1. Python is more readable than other languages, meaning that you’ll have more luck if you bring in extra developers to work on the project (or to maintain it post-completion)
  2. It’s scaling like crazy. Back in the 90’s, Python was seen as a “toy” language. Today, it’s one of the most modern and popular languages. We’d even venture on the nerdy side of things to say it’s cool. And its use cases and popularity will only continue to grow. Just look at the TIOBE index.
  3. It has a strong community. Not just for Python, but for its many frameworks and supporting systems, such as Django.

Get in touch with our team so that we can talk about developing your project in Python!