Asset Management SaaS Application for Construction Company Equipment
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AssetComet is a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) web application specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the construction industry. The platform empowers users to efficiently manage assets, track maintenance schedules, generate reports, manage technicians, and maintain a centralized log of all asset activities. This SaaS solution aims to maximize the value of equipment acquisition, ensuring that construction companies can optimize their asset utilization and maintenance processes.

SaaS Web Application Features
  • Freemium and paid subscription options

  • Instantly Upgrade Plans as New Assets Arrive

  • Assign Different Levels of Access for Enhanced Security

  • Asset Categories to Match Inventory Needs

  • Monitor All Activity Through a Centralized Dashboard

  • Gauge The Current Market Value for Each Asset

  • Create Checklists for Parts and Other Items

  • Push Notification Reminders for Tasks

  • Export PDF Reports

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Customer Challenge

The construction industry's growth highlighted a significant need for an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly asset management solution. Many construction companies relied on outdated methods, such as spreadsheets or cumbersome features within larger Construction Management legacy systems, for asset management. These methods were not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

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Proposed Solution/Architecture

To address these challenges, AppEvolve collaborated with AssetComet to design and develop a modern, user-centric SaaS platform tailored for the construction industry. The solution architecture used modern technologies and AWS Cloud Services to create a scalable, secure, and responsive SaaS web application.

In the development of the AssetComet platform, a strategic approach to storage was crucial for handling the vast amounts of data generated and utilized by construction companies for asset management.

  • SaaS Subscription Model

    AppEvolve implemented a freemium model for up to 3 assets and a paid subscription service, using a sliding scale, with the cost being dependent on the amount of assets that users have to manage, using a stripe integration. This subscription-based model, allows easy access and management of the platform with minimal upfront costs.

  • Custom UI/UX Design

    Focused on delivering an intuitive and seamless user experience, enabling quick adoption and minimizing learning curves for construction company personnel.

  • Django Framework for Backend

    Chosen for its scalability, Django facilitates efficient management of the application's data and logic layers, ensuring high performance and security.

  • React Framework for Frontend

    Used for its flexibility and efficiency in creating dynamic, single-page applications, React enhances the user interface with responsive design and interactive features.

  • AWS Cloud Services

    Including RDS for reliable database services, EC2 for scalable computing capacity, EKS and FarGate for containerized application management, S3 for secure storage solutions, CloudWatch for monitoring and observability, and Control Tower for simplified AWS environment governance.

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