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Atlas Seed eCommerce Platform Transformation

Atlas Seed stands at the forefront of the hemp and cannabis seed industry, distinguished by its premium quality products and an unwavering commitment to genetic excellence. Serving a diverse clientele that ranges from home growers to commercial cultivators, Atlas Seed has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the agricultural and cannabis breeding sectors. With a dedication to innovation, Atlas Seed seeks to empower its customers with superior genetics for medium to large-scale farming endeavors.

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The Challenge

As Atlas Seed expanded its market reach and product offerings, it encountered limitations with its existing WooCommerce platform and required a more enterprise solution. These challenges included scalability issues, inflexibility in integrating advanced features, and inefficiencies in handling the growing traffic and complex inventory. The need for a more scalable, and flexible eCommerce solution became evident to accommodate the dynamic nature of the business and to provide a seamless user experience for its diverse customer base.

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AppEvolve’s Solution

To develop a custom, enterprise-level application using the following AWS services:

Mobile Application Development
Migrate Existing eCommerce Site to Saleor / Django Running on AWS

Transition Atlas Seed's eCommerce operations to the Saleor platform, leveraging Django for enhanced scalability, flexibility, and performance on the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Mobile Application Development
UI/UX Design

Undertake a comprehensive redesign of the Atlas Seed website to improve user experience, streamline navigation, and ensure a seamless shopping experience across devices.

Mobile Application Development
Migrate All Non-eCommerce Functionality to the New Site Using Django

Consolidate all website functionalities under the Django framework to simplify management, enhance site performance, and improve security.

Mobile Application Development
Integrate with Existing Third Parties

Integrate the new platform with existing third-party services and tools to maintain operational continuity and enhance functionality.

AWS Services
  • Lambda for serverless computing tasks and automation.

  • CloudFront for content delivery network services to speed up the distribution of static and dynamic web content.

  • DynamoDB for a fast and scalable NoSQL database service.

  • QuickSight for business intelligence tools to visualize sales and customer data.

  • RDS for relational database services for transactional applications.

  • ECS and Fargate for container management and serverless compute for containers.

  • CloudWatch and Control Tower for comprehensive visibility across AWS services.

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