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In a highly competitive automotive industry, achieving sales goals and optimizing marketing returns are constant challenges. DealerCMO, a trailblazing automotive marketing firm, has pioneered a unique approach to empower dealerships.

Their mission? To help clients sell more cars, reduce the cost per sale, and achieve scalable success. What sets DealerCMO apart is its unwavering commitment to not just meet, but exceed sales objectives for new and pre-owned vehicles. This commitment drives the creation of meticulously crafted strategies that are not just ambitious but also accountable at every step of the way.

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The Challenge

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and traditional marketing methods often fall short of delivering the desired results. DealerCMO recognized several challenges faced by dealerships and aimed to address them head-on:

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Crafting strategies based on dealers' sales goals and backed by data from diverse platforms, including, CarFax, CarGurus, and others, posed a significant challenge.

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Shift from Traditional Marketing:

Helping dealerships transition away from traditional Paid Search Campaigns, which often lead to high spending on social media clicks without the desired conversion


Seamlessly integrating with dealers' Pricing Tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and Inventory Databases to enhance data accuracy and efficiency.

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Marketing Accountability:

Integral to our Continuous Delivery (CD) strategy, it automated the deployment process, ensuring a streamlined and error-free delivery of updates to our application.

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The AppEvolve Solution

To tackle these multifaceted challenges, DealerCMO partnered with AppEvolve to create a cutting-edge web platform. This platform would serve as the nucleus of their data-driven marketing revolution. AppEvolve identified and addressed the following technical requirements:

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AWS Stack

Mobile Application Development
1. Scalable and Resilient Web Application (AWS):

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to build a robust and scalable web application with resiliency, cost optimization, comprehensive logging, alerts, and monitoring, including health checks.

Mobile Application Development
2. Responsive Progressive Web Application Development:

Implementing a responsive and progressive web application using technologies like NodeJS and ReactJS. This ensured optimal performance on mobile browsers with low latency.

Mobile Application Development
3. Analytic Dashboards with Multi-Tenant Logins:

Creating intuitive analytic dashboards accessible through multi-tenant logins. These dashboards offer real-time insights and are developed using the technologies mentioned above.

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4. Data Consolidation from Various Sources:

Consolidating data from diverse feed sources, including various databases, APIs, FTP, and other platforms, to provide a unified view for dealerships.

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5. Streamlined Onboarding Process:

Developing a streamlined onboarding process for new customers and data sources, ensuring ease of integration into the platform.

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6. AWS Analytical Services for Data Insights:

Utilizing AWS analytical services to gain actionable insights from the collected data and displaying these insights on the dashboard.

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