$790,000 Savings Per Year After Migration To AWS

Veeps stands out in the digital entertainment industry, offering a unique platform for artists to perform virtually. Its accolades include a Fast Company World's Most Innovative Company title, an Emmy nomination, and a Guinness World Record. Available across multiple digital platforms, Veeps has become an integral part of Live Nation Entertainment’s digital strategy.

Media and Entertainment

Veeps, a subsidiary of Live Nation Entertainment, is revolutionizing the online concert experience. As an innovative platform for live-streaming concerts, it connects artists with their global fanbase, offering features like ticket sales, merchandise, and interactive experiences. Recognized for its innovation, Veeps faced a challenge with the increasing demand for online concerts during the pandemic. The need for a scalable, cost-effective solution with enhanced streaming quality was the key outcome needed for migration.

This case study explores the journey of Veeps migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), focusing on the operational, financial, and technological advancements achieved. By leveraging AWS's customizable capabilities and advanced features, Veeps significantly improved its service delivery while achieving substantial cost savings and operational efficiency.


With a growing number of artists turning to online concerts during the pandemic, Veeps saw an opportunity to enhance its live streaming capabilities to provide the best possible viewing experience for fans. Veeps needed a scalable solution while reducing operational costs and maximizing streaming quality.


Migrating to AWS offered Veeps the flexibility to tailor its platform to specific needs, overcoming previous limitations. AWS's modular approach enabled the creation of a virtual "Control Room," allowing remote mixing of concerts, which significantly cut down the costs of having a Production Engineer onsite. AWS Elemental was instrumental in enhancing video quality, a key component in the platform's success. The focus on financial benefits was critical to garnering support from stakeholders within Veeps.

  • 1.
    Cost Savings: The migration to AWS led to an impressive annual saving of $790,000 for Veeps.
  • 2.
    MediaConnect: This service is used to transmit live streams from the venue to the cloud for further processing. This allows for the buffering of live feeds and enables support for protocols such as SRT. Also, its use allows for N+1 transcoders for greater redundancy. This ultimately provides a secure, reliable, and low-latency connection between the concert venue and the cloud, ensuring that viewers receive a high-quality and uninterrupted stream.
  • 3.
    Staff Productivity: Streamlining operations into a single cloud environment simplified talent acquisition and improved development processes.
  • 4.
    Operational Resilience: The migration to AWS ensured multi-region architecture, reducing potential points of failure and offering flexible recovery options.

The migration of Veeps to AWS not only signifies a technological advancement but also showcases a strategic alignment with modern business necessities. This transition has set a new benchmark in the live-streaming industry, combining cost efficiency with high-quality service delivery. As Veeps continues to grow and evolve, its partnership with AWS stands as a testament to the power of innovative cloud solutions in transforming the digital entertainment landscape.

Summary Of Customer Environment

Cloud environment is native. Stack is entirely folded into AWS and runs in us-east-1.

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