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About Client is a software start-up company from a long-time veteran in the construction industry. After spending a lifetime in the industry, Gary Turnbull knew contractor scheduling had its own set of issues of in-efficiency. Gary had a vision of how things could be better with the use of technology, so he set out to solve the problem himself. That’s how Crewboss came into fruition.

Crewboss is a cloud-based scheduling calendar for Builders, Crew Leaders, Superintendents, and Crews to easily stay in sync and on schedule. It helps manage time slots for current and future jobs to help reduce overlaps and missed jobs.

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The Problem

In the construction industry, there are a lot of moving parts distributed throughout multiple teams on one jobsite. When each person on the team manages their schedule on their own accord, it’s hard to keep track of where everyone is and their scheduled times for the job. What’s missing is a management tool that keeps the schedule, of everybody working on a job, in one place.

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The Solution

The solution we built allowed Crewboss users to add crew members and staff in less than a minute, so they could quickly assign them to job sites. Next, the user can easily assign tasks to each staff member. 

We integrated the cloud communications platform called, Twilio into Crewboss, using their API. That way every member involved with the project would get a text message that provided details of the time and location of the job. If the time assigned worked for the Builder, Crew Leader and Superintendent, they can simply click a URL within the text message and that would let the CrewBoss user know they have a green light on the project task. 

All users who were assigned can view their own tasks and other crew members tasks, if they’ve been assigned the permissions to do so.

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Client Testimonial

Working with the AppEvolve team was a pleasure. They communicated effectively and moved through the project in a timely fashion and helped me accomplish my goals with the app they developed. I'm looking forward to working with them in the future.

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