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Workforce and Delivery Route Management System
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About Client

ROBO Logistics is a transportation company and one of the largest Amazon delivery companies in Arizona, serving the Phoenix and Metropolitan areas. ROBO Logistics focuses on providing successful delivery of orders and packages for Amazon by leveraging its sizable workforce and delivery vehicle options.

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Customer Challenge

With its fast-growing demand and increasing workforce, ROBO requires a technology solution to support its current and planned organizational growth, that manages its drivers attendance, scheduled services, and overall operations. ROBO was using a spreadsheet to track this same information with severe limitations.

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Proposed Solution/Architecture

To deliver a custom web application for the Robo Logistics Admin Team to manage delivery locations, services, and drivers, and for drivers to manage their scheduled services.

Mobile Application Development
Backend Framework - Django

Django was selected as the backend framework for its robust, scalable nature and its ability to handle complex web applications efficiently. Django's ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) facilitates database operations, crucial for managing ROBO Logistics' extensive data on drivers, delivery schedules, and operations.

Offline Capabilities
Frontend Framework - React

For the front-end, React was chosen for its flexibility and performance. React's component-based architecture allows for reusable code, making it ideal for the various functions required in the ROBO Logistics platform, from tracking deliveries to managing workforce schedules.

UI/UX Overhaul
Admin Portal Features

Manage workforce user profiles and schedule
Ensure scheduled deliveries have sufficient drivers assigned
Dashboard for attendance tracking 
Data Analytics Reporting

UI/UX Overhaul
Workforce Portal

Dashboard to view schedule and delivery route
Time off request management

UI/UX Overhaul
UI/UX Design

The custom UI/UX design for ROBO Logistics prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, aiming to streamline the daily operations for administrators and drivers.

AWS Services

  • CodeCommit

    Secure, highly scalable, fully managed source control service for private Git repositories

  • Amplify

    Complete solution for frontend web and mobile developers to build, ship, and host applications on AWS

  • CodeBuild

    Fully managed continuous integration service. Compile source code, run tests, and produce ready-to-deploy software packages

  • CodePipeline

    Fully managed continuous delivery service. Automate release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates

  • Elastic Container Registry

    Fully managed container registry offering high-performance hosting. Reliably deploy application images and artifacts

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