Cloud-native CRM web application used for global day-to-day operations
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A global consortium of experts in leadership, talent, and career transition, is based in Chicago, Illinois. With 1,500 consultants across 30 countries spanning Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Americas, Bravanti mentors Fortune 500 Executives navigating career transitions.

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The Challenge

Bravanti mirrored the predicament of many established companies: a struggle to adapt to technological advancements due to reliance on longstanding internal processes. The classic "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" mindset was a hurdle, but the pressure for efficiency and technological modernization had become too pressing. And for most organizations, a Digital Transformation can be a massive disruption to daily operations if not carefully planned.

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The AppEvolve Solution

We proposed a custom cloud-native application solution using AWS services:

Mobile Application Development
AWS Services

CloudFront, EC2, ECS, ECR, CodeDeploy, ElastiCache, RDS, S3

Offline Capabilities
Angular Front-End

Angular's advanced features facilitated the creation of a dynamic and responsive user interface.

UI/UX Overhaul
Django Back-End

Used for building the server side of the application, Django offers a robust and secure framework that handles backend tasks.

UI/UX Overhaul
UI/UX Design

Overhaul of the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) components that focused on making the platform not only functional but also intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

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