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Occasions Staffing is committed to providing the hospitality industry with the highest quality temporary staffing. Occasions Staffing has the expertise and resources to handle your temporary staffing requirements for industry services, meetings, conferences, conventions, and private functions

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Customer Challenge

With a high demand for customer staffing needs and managing multiple staff for events, Occasions Staffing was presented with the challenge of holding contractors accountable for showing up to events on time, reconciliation of staff payments, and managing the submission of staff applications specific to each event.

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Proposed Solution/Architecture

AppEvolve proposed and implemented a custom web application and mobile app solution. The Occasions Staffing Admin Team can manage all of the staff and their assignments to events for their Clients. Workers can notify the admin team of their arrival at the customer event and clock their time worked. This solution included:

The web application solution used the Django Framework for the backend and the React Framework for the front-end and included third-party API integrations, including a full high-resolution UI/UX design. The mobile application solution also utilized the Django backend, while the front-end was built in React Native.

Admin Portal Features
  • Worker Profile Management and Assignments

  • Invite Workers to Client events

  • Generate reports on Worker timesheets and event data

  • Manage Worker timesheets

  • Manage Client invoices

  • Chat messaging with contractors and clients

  • Create events with Geofence boundaries

Worker and Client App Features
  • Client creation of events with the ability to invite Workers

  • GPS boundaries that allow Workers to only check in and clock time from the event location

  • Workers can apply/Decline Events

  • Worker and Client management of timesheets

  • Client management of invoices

  • Worker position tests to verify their expertise

  • Chat messaging with Workers, Client Contacts, and Admin Support

AWS Services

  • Cognito

    Provides user identity and data synchronization services, enabling secure user access and management.

  • SES

    Send emails to Workers, Clients, and Admins for account-related communications

  • SNS

    Verify the phone number of the accounts

  • RDS

    Scalable database to help with heavy customer event workloads.

  • EKS

    Used to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install and operate Kubernetes clusters.

  • CloudFront

    Securely deliver content with low latency and high transfer speeds.

  • S3

    Used for object storage

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