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Karis Pharmaceuticals stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, offering iDispense - a comprehensive SaaS platform designed to revolutionize the way pharmacies and physicians manage and dispense medications. This platform is a testament to Karis Pharmaceuticals' commitment to streamlining clinical dispensing, medication inventory management and ePrescribing, thereby elevating the standard of patient care.

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The Challenge

In the complex landscape of healthcare, pharmacies and physicians face challenges in purchasing, managing drugs, and overseeing patient care. Before the introduction of iDispense, Karis Pharmaceuticals recognized the inefficiencies in these processes, including time-consuming drug dispensing procedures, cumbersome management of medication inventories, and challenges in patient medication adherence. These issues not only compromised the efficiency of healthcare providers but also affected the quality of care received by patients.

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Proposed Solutions

AppEvolve responded to these challenges by developing iDispense, a tailored Pharmacy Management System for Karis Pharmaceuticals. The solution incorporated several innovative features:

Mobile Application Development
Drug Purchasing and Inventory Management

Automating the procurement and inventory tracking of medications to ensure timely availability and optimal stock levels.

Mobile Application Development
Dispensing Management

Simplifying the dispensing process with an intuitive interface facilitates quick and accurate medication delivery to patients.

Mobile Application Development
Patient and Drug Management

Offering a centralized platform for managing patient profiles, prescriptions, and medication adherence, enhancing the quality of patient care.

Mobile Application Development
Data Analytics and Insights

Equipping pharmacies and physicians with powerful analytics tools to monitor performance, patient outcomes, and operational efficiency.

AWS Services Integration

AppEvolve responded to these challenges by developing iDispense, a tailored Pharmacy Management System for Karis Pharmaceuticals. The solution incorporated several innovative features:

  • Amazon S3

    Used as the core storage solution for iDispense, Amazon S3 provided secure, scalable object storage for a vast array of data, including patient records, medication information, and transaction logs.

  • Amazon CloudFront

    This fast content delivery network (CDN) service was integrated to distribute content securely and efficiently to users worldwide. CloudFront accelerated the delivery of iDispense’s web content, including the user interface components and static assets, thereby enhancing the overall user experience with reduced latency.

  • Amazon RDS

    This service provided scalable and efficient database management, simplifying operations such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups, ensuring data integrity and security.

  • Amazon EKS

    The backbone for iDispense’s containerized application deployment, Amazon EKS, facilitated the management, scalability, and reliability of the application’s microservices architecture. EKS allowed for seamless application scaling to meet demand fluctuations, ensuring consistent performance and availability.

  • Amazon Elasticsearch

    This fully managed service provided the speed and scalability required for real-time searches, analytics, and application monitoring, enhancing the platform's responsiveness and user experience.

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Client Testimonial

I've worked with the AppEvolve team for close to five years. Our business has many challenges, and AppEvolve consistently meets and exceeds those challenges. They are a great partner!

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