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About Mend

Mend is a pioneering telehealth and patient engagement platform offering an enterprise-level solution designed to streamline healthcare operations. By facilitating seamless patient intake, communications, personalized in-office and telemedicine workflows, and automated patient payments, all powered by AI, Mend addresses the critical operational challenges in healthcare.

With a remarkable 94% patient satisfaction rate and a 61% reduction in no-show rates, Mend has significantly improved patient engagement and drives better business outcomes for healthcare providers.

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The Challenge

Mend sought to enhance its platform's capabilities by integrating a patient scheduling system that allows for direct scheduling between patients and healthcare providers. The goal was to build a patient scheduling system to implement across Mend’s customers' websites with a customized front end that aligns with each customer's branding, improving accessibility and efficiency in patient-provider interactions. The primary challenge was to develop a highly adaptable, user-friendly scheduling system that could seamlessly connect with Mend's existing backend infrastructure while ensuring a consistent brand experience for Mend’s diverse healthcare clinic customers.

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To meet Mend's goals, AppEvolve implemented a comprehensive solution that uses Mend’s API for backend functionality and modern web development technologies for the front end built on AWS services.

Mobile Application Development
Custom Patient Scheduling System Development

Using Mend's API, AppEvolve developed a patient scheduling system that integrates directly into the healthcare providers' websites managed by Mend, facilitating straightforward patient-to-provider scheduling.

Mobile Application Development
React-Based Front End

For the front end, React was chosen for its flexibility, efficiency, and ability to create a dynamic, user-friendly interface tailored to match the branding requirements of Mend’s clients, ensuring a seamless user experience.

AWS Services Integration

Limited User Engagement

Deployed to deliver a fast, secure, and scalable content delivery network service, ensuring the scheduling system is accessible with low latency and high transfer speeds globally.

Offline Accessibility

Used for storing and protecting any static assets used by the scheduling system, offering durability, availability, and performance.


Seamlessly integrating with dealers' Pricing Tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and Inventory Databases to enhance data accuracy and efficiency.

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