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Jungo is the only student-athlete development and college placement application and software platform focused that connects the student athlete with the appropriate schools of interest. Jungo’s mobile application matches players with programs that are an appropriate fit based on ability. This solution is a smarter way for players to receive timely ratings/evaluations from trusted coaches. Crowd-sourced coaches’ ratings create an accurate player profile that automatically matches and recommends level-appropriate college programs.

Jungo’s Mobile SaaS Application Features
  • Multiple subscription tier options

  • Facilitates quick and complete player feedback

  • Year-to-year progress tracking

  • In-App Messaging between athletes and coaches

  • Coaches to rate athletic, technical, and tactical abilities

  • Crowd-sourced ratings for keeping an up-to-date player profile

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Customer Challenge

Traditionally, formal feedback comes in a mid season or post season evaluation. However, getting meaningful and timely feedback throughout the season has a greater impact on a player's development. In the past, over the course of time a player might get an evaluation or two. Then at the end of the year, that was all lost, the player basically needed to start new. With Jungo, now they have this live document that follows a player and gives multiple opportunities for coaches to provide actionable feedback. It has changed the game.

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Proposed Solution/Architecture

With Jungo, players create a body of work and feedback that travels with them. A player can invite any trusted coach or club director to rate and comment on their game. Jungo is changing the game for players, by making feedback contact quick, easy, and meaningful throughout the season and beyond. We create the ability for a player to receive feedback from any coach at any time. That feedback results in supporting a player's journey and advancement. For players looking to continue to compete at the next level, Jungo is the lead platform focused on talent identification and advancement to college and elite programs. Jungo's unique algorithm aggregates a player's rating leading to hundreds of college recommendations with

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In-App Purchase Subscriptions
Athlete Subscription
Youth Athlete Subscription
Athlete Subscription
Youth Subscription

Subscription upgrades provide additional features to help players identify and research colleges & universities based on their level of play. Additional features include academic checklists, college recommendations based on overall rating, and college filtering/search functions. This is an auto-renewing plan.

Ongoing Managed Services
  • SaaS Application Maintenance and Optimization

  • AWS Infrastructure Maintenance and Optimization

SaaS Mobile Application Managed Services (React Native)
  • New feature builds

  • Bug Fixes

  • API Integrations

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Soccer Recruitment SaaS Mobile Application

SaaS Mobile Application

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