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Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is a renowned institution known for following a meticulous Request for Proposal (RFP) process when procuring external services or goods for their projects. At the heart of their operations is the Pay Estimates platform, a critical tool that facilitates the tracking and updating of project schedules, a task inherently tied to the construction process and contractor payments. Pay Estimates empowers the ACHD Construction Team to efficiently manage pay schedules, incorporating vital components such as "pay estimates," change orders, and comprehensive reports.

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The Challenge

As ACHD navigated the complexities of construction projects, they encountered a common yet critical challenge—project schedules and parameters frequently evolved during construction. These changes had a direct impact on contractor payments, necessitating meticulous tracking and adjustment of pay estimates to ensure fair and accurate compensation.

Historically, the Pay Estimates process was managed using a Microsoft 2010 Access frontend coupled with a Microsoft SQL server backend. The 2010 version of MS Access employed .adp files, facilitating integration with a SQL server database for concurrent usage by multiple team members. However, this vital functionality was deprecated in the 2013 and newer versions of Access, creating an urgent need for a modernized solution.

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Proposed Solution and Architecture

AppEvolve proposed and implemented a solution that used modern technologies, ensuring optimal efficiency and scalability.

Mobile Application Development
Migration to a Web Application

AppEvolve migrated the existing system to a modern web application, enabling seamless access for all team members regardless of their location or device. This transition ensured the continued collaboration and productivity of the ACHD Construction Team.

Offline Capabilities
Django Backend Development

AppEvolve implemented Django, a Python-based framework, to build a robust and scalable backend system. This provided ACHD with a secure and efficient foundation for managing their project data.

UI/UX Overhaul
React Frontend Development

AppEvolve developed a user-friendly frontend using React, a JavaScript library renowned for its flexibility and interactivity. This modern interface simplified the creation, editing, and management of contracts, bid items, change orders, and reports, streamlining the workflow for ACHD team members.

UI/UX Overhaul
Database Integration

AppEvolve ensured a seamless integration with the existing Microsoft SQL database, preserving the integrity of ACHD's historical data while enhancing accessibility and performance.

UI/UX Overhaul
UI/UX Enhancement

In response to ACHD's pressing need for a modernized system, AppEvolve undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) components of the Pay Estimates platform. This critical aspect of the solution focused on making the platform not only functional but also intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

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