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About RealtyPass

RealtyPass is an intuitive B2B SaaS platform that provides an all-inclusive real estate experience to empower real estate professionals to reach their true earning potential. With RealtyPass, Real Estate transaction creation takes as little as 15 seconds. The platform enables users to receive real-time document checklist approval notifications, commission tracking, task reminders, and more. 

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The Problem

The modern real estate agent has many clients and properties to keep track of.  While there are several real estate platforms designed to help with the management of these and property sales and client interactions, we found them falling short in several areas.

RealtyPass already knew of these shortcomings; they had developed a CRM for the real estate industry in the past. This CRM (Onechimp) had many live users that helped with pain points in the industry, but there were also large functionality gaps recognized after deployment.

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The Solution

RealtyPass had been through the process of developing its OneChimp platform before engaging with AppEvolve, but they saw the need for an overhaul.  AppEvolve became involved in the RealtyPass CRM after development had already started with an in-house team.  However, the existing team was showing inefficiencies in both the planning and execution of new development features when AppEvolve intervened.

We ended up adding only a single AE developer to the team, but this made all the difference.  After a short introductory period to become familiar with the current codebase and team, our team members started to take on the more complex portions of the code development, including task conversion and tracking from email inboxes; website auto-generation complete with branding; and a sleek modern design that helps a user enjoy their work while in the platform.

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Tools Used

  • React

  • Apollo

  • GraphQL

  • Express.js

  • Node.js

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