Tamarack Mountain Resort

Custom CMS Web Application, Booking Engine and MLS Integration
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About Tamarack

Tamarack is an independent, all-season destination situated on 3,500 acres, located 90 miles north of Boise in Tamarack, Idaho. From on-site lodging, dining and event space to the full range of outdoor recreation in the Idaho mountains, there is adventure for any season.

The winter brings 2,800 feet of vertical on 2,000 mountain acres for skiers and snowboarders, along with Nordic and snowshoe trails. During the summer, the resort is home to mountain biking, ziplining, hiking, rafting and watersports on Lake Cascade.

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The Challenge

The resort faced significant digital fragmentation, with multiple applications offering disjointed user experiences. This inconsistency hindered guests' ability to discover resort activities, book accommodations, and explore real estate opportunities. For Tamarack staff, managing content across these varied systems was cumbersome and inefficient.

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Proposed Solution / Architecture

The cornerstone of our proposed solution was the principle of centralization, aimed at unifying all resort information and services under one digital roof. We developed a custom Content Management System (CMS) web application, using the Django framework for the backend and React for a dynamic frontend. This solution not only streamlined internal operations by centralizing data but also enhanced guest experiences by offering a singular, cohesive platform for exploring activities, booking lodging, and viewing available properties through a custom MLS (Multiple Listing Service) integration.

Expert Team

AWS Services

1. Identity and Access Management (IAM):

We utilized IAM to efficiently manage a team of 15 technical users, controlling their access permissions and roles. This ensured that each member had the appropriate level of access to AWS services relevant to their responsibilities, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

2. Code Repository and Integration Tools:
Limited User Engagementaws-cloudcommit-icon

Served as our central code repository, enabling us to securely store and manage the application's source code.

Offline Accessibilityaws-cloudbuild-icon

Played a crucial role in our Continuous Integration (CI) process, automatically testing code changes to ensure high-quality builds.


Integral to our Continuous Delivery (CD) strategy, it automated the deployment process, ensuring a streamlined and error-free delivery of updates to the application.

3. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2):

We deployed the application on EC2 instances, benefiting from their scalability and reliability. This allowed us to efficiently manage website traffic and resource allocation, ensuring high availability and optimal performance.

4. Relational Database Service (RDS):

RDS was our choice for a reliable and scalable database solution. It facilitated easy management of our database needs, including automated backups and maintenance, ensuring data integrity and high availability.

5. CloudFront:

We used CloudFront to host and deliver high-quality, beautiful images of the resort. This content delivery network (CDN) significantly improved the load times of these images, enhancing the user experience by providing fast and reliable access to visual content.

6. CloudFormation

The backbone of our Infrastructure-As-A-Code approach. We used CloudFormation templates to not only create our entire AWS setup but also to replicate environments for testing purposes. This automated and repeatable process allowed us to efficiently manage and scale our infrastructure, ensuring consistency across development, testing, and production environments.

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