Ditched Spreadsheets and File-Sharing in Favor of a Full-Service CRM Solution

BPI Group is a team of global leadership, talent, and career transition experts headquartered in Chicago, IL. BPI Group has 1,500 consultants in 30 European, Asian, North African, North and South American countries who focus on providing mentorship and guidance for executives who are transitioning careers.

TechnologiesDjango/DRF, Angular 1, AWS S3/EC2/RDS
Industry: Construction
Work Type: Web
Platform: Web

BPI Group, like a lot of large companies that have been using the same internal processes for many years, struggled to transition to new technology. While such companies often adhere to the old adage of “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” there comes a time where the need for efficiency outweighs the burden of having to train employees on new software.
In the case of BPI, there were a lot of man hours going into manual data entry and attempts to keep all the information organized. For privacy reasons, choosing just any out-of-the-box CRM through which to store sensitive information wasn’t going to work.


Embracing New Technology

While BPI’s internal system worked well and they were clearly successful in their organization’s main efforts, there was still room for technology to streamline these processes by incorporating automation.

Over the course of three years, AppEvolve designed and developed a proprietary CRM to house all the data and provide a centralized place for BPI employees to manage data and easily share data with their clients. This solution involved secure web portals for clients, candidates, coaches and executive staff.

Each user type had a separate, secure portal so that users could see and share certain data based on the user type’s specific permissions. Because BPI is also an educational platform, candidates were able to easily take training courses while their coaches could monitor the progress.

Some major features of this platform include: video conference integration, an education course builder, a custom form builder, a hardware management tool, custom email templates, universal announcements, file sharing between portals, and a custom reporting tool.

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