Software lives, breathes, and evolves. Just like your people, it requires care and attention if you want it to perform well. Working with experts who know how to do this in their sleep helps you rest easy in yours.

And, as our clients have found, it’s easier having a partner already on board than constantly having to onboard.

Average Cost: $6K/mo
Average Time to Complete: Ongoing
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No “set it and forget it”
with business software

Software of any kind is an investment in your organization. Particularly for big companies with diverse operational needs, it’s critical that this investment be properly maintained. Otherwise, you run the risk of unnecessary expenses saddling your budget. Neglected platforms can also become counter-productive and affect your bottom line in other ways.

Having a steady partner that’s familiar with both your system and your broader business is a reliable way to avoid these pitfalls. It’s also far more efficient than searching for and briefing a new team any time you hit a snag.

A true extension of your team

Many of our clients ask us to stay on after we’ve built their applications. For those who engage us specifically for maintenance, we get up to speed on their code and processes quickly. These long-term relationships only improve our ability to anticipate their needs over time.

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Sample web app rework support:
  • Monitor systems to ensure optimal efficiency and performance

  • Proactively apply version upgrades and security patches

  • Troubleshoot bugs and unexpected system issues

  • Respond to alerts in real-time with senior-level experts

  • Supplement IT resources with 24/7 technical support

  • Prioritize requests for new features in our project queue

Our promise to you

The service we provide is just as important to us as the solution we build. No matter what your need or how long we’ve worked together, you can expect the same premium experience.
Don’t simply take our word for it. We invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call to see for yourself how this all applies to your project.
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Our customer feedback is a reflection of the quality we deliver

“AppEvolve developed an effective communications protocol to hit our milestones on the path to launch. They created regularly-scheduled core meetings and added supplemental meetings as we ramped up development. In addition, quick response emails allowed us to discuss and resolve any issues as they arose in real time.”

Gary Turnbull
Owner, Crewboss

“The AppEvolve team was a pleasure to work with. Excellent communication skills, friendly, went above and beyond expectations, delivered quality code with uncanny attention to detail, and much more! Will absolutely hire again for my next project.”

Amir Feinsilber
CEO, Realty Pass

“I've built payment apps, real estate apps, and educational apps. I have never worked with a group that has been so concise, focused, and talented as Jason and Patrick. They understood the objectives and developed a full strategy with milestones, deliverables, and very clear user flows.”

Steven Matt
CEO, Tell Me Your Goal

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