Tailor-made web and mobile applications to meet targeted business goals

Our highly experienced software engineers are experts at building custom solutions from mobile applications to enterprise data systems. The core services we offer are end-to-end software development and providing dedicated software developers to fit your needs at scale.


Underestimating the importance of up-front software planning is the number one culprit for failed software projects. Our Solutions Architects with over 20 years of software development experience will ensure your project is properly planned, estimated and will make the most of your budget by de-risking the project before development starts.

Pre-Project Consulting

We help draw up short and long-term software implementation roadmaps while advocating for a reasonable software investment to ensure the best ROI and impactful business transformation.
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Code Audit

We provide an unbiased technical assessment of your application. A code audit gives you full visibility into the quality and scalability of your software, so you can optimize your operations and plan for sustainable growth.
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Discovery, Design & Planning

Software projects are ripe with risk – only 42% succeed. On the other hand, AppEvolve boasts a 96.5% success rate. How? With our DDP, we minimize the guesswork up-front to de-risk the project and accelerate development.
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Whether you want to test a concept, build business tools on top of your existing software, or create a full-scale product from scratch, AppEvolve has you covered. Together with our clients, we have created everything from proof of concepts to enterprise-level software.

Business Tool and MVP Web Applications

Do you need a purpose-built application or tool to address a specific business problem? Something you can deploy quickly and build on top of later? When it comes to technology, customized beats out comprehensive. Introducing an MVP gets your product to your audience faster for critical feedback.

Commercial-Grade Web and Mobile Applications

Is your product more complex and requires a polished interface with an expansive feature set? This offering is suitable for products with a longer lifecycle and often serves as the first phase of a multi-phase project.

Web or Mobile Application Rework

Underwhelmed by your previous or current development team? There may come a time when ignoring inadequate code is no longer an option. We’ll help you build a forward-thinking solution that can adapt to your evolving business needs and bring your software to the modern age.

Software Additions to Existing Systems

Do you have a software system in place that needs to be expanded on or has a need for additional tools? We will assess your current software, build the needed additions and be your goto team for future builds and support.

Enterprise Systems

This project type is for the most complex products that often requires many third-party integrations, multiple user types, and configuration capabilities. This is good for businesses that are looking to consolidate multiple systems to remove unnecessary licensing agreements, replace tedious manual processes with automated workflows and a better way to communicate with employees internally and customers externally.

Web Applications

Self-service web portals raise stakeholder accessibility to all new levels. Let’s introduce greater convenience and efficiency into your user interface.
Average Cost
63 days
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Mobile Applications

Creating a minimum viable product isn’t an extra step, it’s an essential step. Our MVPs gain valuable user feedback that produces a better app while saving you time and money.
Average Cost
85 days
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Application Rework

There may come a time when ignoring inadequate code is no longer an option. We’ll help you build a forward-thinking solution that can adapt to your evolving business needs.
Average Cost
60 days
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Existing Software Additions

The digital world is no longer tethered to a desk. We develop mobile applications and PWAs that keep your constituents engaged in the ways they’ve come to expect.
Average Cost
80 days
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Enterprise System

Technology can be an accelerator or an inhibitor for large businesses depending on how it’s integrated. We shape software around your system to keep things on track from top to bottom.
Average Cost
156 days
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Many of our clients ask us to stay on after we’ve built their applications. For those who engage us specifically for maintenance, we get up to speed on your code and processes quickly. These long-term relationships only improve our ability to anticipate your needs over time.

Managed AWS Hosting

Leverage our certified AWS experts to manage the daily operations of your infrastructure and ensure it's ready to scale when needed while you focus on your core business.
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Premium service doesn’t end with development. We offer ongoing peace of mind that your systems function properly so you can focus on the rest of your business.
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24/7 support for business critical applications. We identify issues of different complexity (from basic usage problems to application code/database defects) and resolve them quickly.
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