Company Acquisition – Salesforce Migration

Total Server Solutions (TSS) provides managed services, high-performance infrastructure, and similar custom services to individuals and businesses in a wide array of industries—from financial institutions to advertising platform operators, hosting providers, and telecom companies. TSS has the singular mission of providing its customers with the finest hosted services and the most robust infrastructure available anywhere across the globe.

Industry: Financial
Work Type: Web
Platform: Web

Migrating an Entire Salesforce Org

TSS had recently made an acquisition. Acquisitions are always crazy, but TSS had especially stringent requirements and deadlines. Part of this was to migrate the entire Salesforce org of the acquired company. This included all structure, data, users, data, metadata, and files. The acquired company’s salespeople not only had to adopt new processes, but they also needed their legacy Salesforce setup in a way they would recognize in the new TSS org. It was also critical that all data was allocated efficiently and accurately to ensure data integrity


Embracing New Technology

We were chosen for the job because of our expertise with Salesforce projects of all different types. We were tasked with transitioning users between orgs and molding the acquired company’s data to TSS’s existing system.

Through multiple working sessions with stakeholders and users to isolate key requirements, we were able to build a roadmap to ensure a smooth transition from the old org to the new.

After completion of the migration and the entire legacy org had been transferred to the new, user acceptance testing produced no errors or need for changes.

All of this was delivered, up and running, two days before the thirty-day deadline.

“AppEvolve was recommended to us by a respected entity in our field and I’m glad we took the suggestion. 
TSS found the AppEvolve team to be both easy to work with and efficient. TSS had a tight deadline and an ambitious goal but the project was still completed while exceeding our expectations. I would gladly recommend AppEvolve to anyone needing Salesforce development or consulting. TSS plans to continue our partnership in the near future.” 

Douglas McGill
Chief Financial Officer
Total Server Solutions

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