Migrating and Integrating a Legacy Salesforce Org

StackPath was founded in 2015 with the mission of making the internet safe. Over the decades, they have provided developers with a platform of secure edge services that protect their work in the cloud—a platform which protects websites, apps, connected services, IoT, etc. and has played a part in shaping the internet as it is today.

Industry: Education
Work Type: Web
Platform: Web

As an innovation-centric company, StackPath has made it a priority to build or acquire the industry’s leading technology and incorporate it into their platform, which is the industry’s only unified cloud-scale secure edge platform. This platform comprises of leading companies such as Highwinds, MaxCDN, Server Density, Fireblade, and Encrypt.me (formerly Cloak). StackPath services over one million customers ranging from early-stage enterprises to Fortune 100 organizations.


Merging an Outdated Salesforce Instance

Acquisitions are tricky, and StackPath’s business requires a dynamic model that can quickly merge two organizations without lost time or burnt capital. In the event of an acquisition, StackPath values speed and efficiency in merging the acquired company into their own. StackPath acquired Highwinds in 2017 in one of their biggest acquisitions to date. Both organizations had Salesforce as a CRM, which they needed merged and integrated into existing processes without any data loss or outages. This was further complicated by the fact that the Highwinds instance of Salesforce was outdated with long deprecated practices that added a layer in complexity to merging the two instances.

So, not only did StackPath need to migrate all of the structure, data, and users from the acquired company’s Salesforce org into their own org, but they also needed to update the entire Highwinds process to do so. A large amount of metadata, data, and files all needed to be moved both efficiently and accurately to ensure data integrity all while updating new processes into modern supported Salesforce tools.

Salesforce Integration via AppEvolve

Our process when merging Salesforce instances is straightforward: Measure twice (or three times) and cut once.

By thoroughly informing ourselves on the situation beforehand, and doing our homework to fully understand the possible complications in merging their outdated Salesforce instance with to-date practices, we were able to migrate the entire legacy Salesforce org into the new one without complications.
This process involved multiple working sessions with stakeholders and users to isolate key requirements, building a roadmap to ensure a smooth transition from the old org to the new, executing, and testing.  

Testing of the new Salesforce org resulted in zero errors or needed changes, and Highwinds users were able to make a seamless transition into the StackPath environment without any lost data.

“I chose AppEvolve to perform a complex Salesforce migration project, where all of our companies data, code, and functionality was moved and merged into a new Salesforce entity.  

AppEvolve completed the project on time and under budget. They were also always there when I needed a question answered or request made with an impressive quick response time. I was made to feel that my project was always a top priority - they delivered a level of service that made me feel they were on my team.

The AppEvolve team provides a high degree of knowledge and skill that spans much farther than Salesforce, into a deep expertise in computer programming and application development. I will return to them with future projects, and I recommend AppEvolve to any company in need of a development partner to create technical business solutions.” 

Vadim Zakiyan
VP Sales Operations

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