Mindfulness and Self Improvement Mobile Application

Technologies React Native, iOS, Android
Industry: Real Estate
Work Type: Web
Platform: Web

Rarely does one identify ways in which they could improve themselves or have a group of peers with whom to work on that self-improvement.  It is even more rare to find a mobile application that can assist in the coordination, reflection, and motivation of these self-improvement groups.  
All too often, when an individual wants to work on an aspect of self-improvement, they have to go for it alone, without tools of any sort other than their own willpower. This is a strategy that can often end short of the goal.


The Thrive Circle Mobile application was built using hybrid mobile technologies. This means we were able to develop an iOS and Android application using largely the same codebase. Use of the hybrid development approach helped save our client time and money.

The completed Thrive Circle app provides an application for users to self-organize into peer groups, state their personal improvement goals within their peer groups, check in with their groups to state progress on daily goals, access thought-provoking content, journal about their progress and thoughts, and even distribute funds in case a wager was made along the way!

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